Miniature railway at Bressingham Steam Museum

Bressingham Steam Museum, which already contains railways of four different gauges, has recently added to its range with a dual gauge miniature circuit.

It is a joint venture between Bressingham Steam Museum and the volunteers’ society – Bressingham Steam Society (BSS).

The circuit is of dual 5” and 7.25” gauge and is about 200 metres in length in an oval formation. It is located behind the main locomotive shed and runs around the existing small heritage fairground site. There is one turntable and set of points and trains follow a unidirectional path to the single platform.

The railway has been built upon a well-ballasted formation with a drainage trench to one side. The track is of steel rail welded to steel sleepers and it is (apart from access points) fenced off from pedestrians.

Its main purpose is as a training aid for Bressingham’s “Young Steamers” club. This is a group of young volunteers aged between 10 and 16 who have a keen interest but because of health and safety regulations cannot be permitted to work on the museum’s passenger carrying railways. The miniature railway offers them an opportunity to develop their skills and interest in railways and steam engines in a relatively safe environment and within the confines of the law.

The railway is also an added visual attraction to visitors of Bressingham, and on occasion may be used for the carriage of passengers.

We hope it will prove an interesting addition to Bressingham’s already varied collection.

All enquiries please contact the museum on 01379 686900 or email