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Repair of Cochran boiler

This vertical boiler provides steam for our working stationary engines.  It dates from the 1950’s.  The tubes had become life expired rendering it unusable for some time.  This meant we could not have our beam engine operating.  A small project led by Bressingham volunteers raised funds from within the Society and undertook retubing and other minor repair work on the boiler.  It is now recertified and able to provide power once more for the beam engine and two other stationary engines installed in the adjoining gallery.

    Back to Nature

    In recent years rising costs and cheap imports from the continent meant the Nurseries became no longer viable and were closed leaving the land and ageing equipment behind. Seeing an opportunity the staff and volunteers of the steam museum have been working with the Bloom family on an ongoing project to take the estate back to nature. Continue reading

      Martello Restoration

      The overhaul and return to steam of Victorian tank engine ‘Martello’ (LBSC A1X No. 662) is our most recent and high profile project at Bressingham.  The engine had an active career up to 2011, visiting many preserved railways on hire but unfortunately had to retire from traffic early due to a number of problems with its boiler.

      Now the plan to restore this engine and re-instate standard gauge steam passenger rides is almost complete. Continue reading


        The Norfolk steam museum held a small traction engine rally over the weekend of 16th & 17th May. Invited along were 5 visiting engines, in addition to all of Bressingham’s available road vehicles. The line up included former Bressingham owned 1917 Fowler AA class ploughing engine ‘Cissie’, its first time in steam for several years since being re-boxed by current owner Simon Cruickshank. Simon hopes to have sister engine ‘Bessie’ also restored with a new firebox, in time for the pair’s centenary in 2017. Another debut (in a sense) was the re-appearance of the Thetford based Charles Burrell museum’s 1920 8NHP DCC showman’s engine ‘Queen Mary’; which some may remember unfortunately suffered a broken front axle on the road last year. This was the showman’s second outing since then, followed by its first road run the next weekend as they successfully roaded her back to Thetford on 23rd May. Queen Mary was in the company of an 8 ton DCC Burrell roller No. 4601 built in 1927, also from the Burrell museum. Continue reading

          ‘Gwynedd’ Update March 2015

          As reported last summer the overhaul of 2 ft gauge Port class Hunslet no 316 Gwynedd (built 1883) is making steady progress. A partnership of Bressingham Steam Museum and Penrhyn Quarry Railway volunteers have together been working on the engine since Spring 2014. The restoration is a collaborative project that will see Gwynedd visiting Felin Fawr on a regular basis once restored. Continue reading

            Bressingham holds its popular Vintage Farm Day

            Bressingham Steam Museum held its annual vintage farm event on the last Sunday of September. It was a very successful and memorable day. All Bressingham’s working engines were in steam. Visitors were treated to seeing all of the 3 narrow gauge railways operating (one of which was running a period quarry slate train), stationary engines and road engines and of course the ever popular steam gallopers roundabout. In addition a number of interesting machines and vehicles attended including various bygone farm equipment, an array of stationary internal combustion engines and classic cars. The star guests of the day were a 1923 Armstrong & Whitworth steamroller and living van from the East Anglia Transport Museum at Charlton Colville. This formed part of an impressive display in the road engine section, focusing particularly on steam road rolling and mending. With the permanent displays on offer within the museum buildings there was an abundance of fascinating sights crammed into Bressingham’s site. Continue reading