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During the 2017 Gala weekend the project to return our 15″ gauge Krupps locos to operation was announced.

Both Mannertreu and Rosenkavelier were sidelined following boiler problems.  To allow for a  full assessment of the work required, Mannertreu has been moved from storage and dismantled.

The story of the work has been recorded on a blog here.

    Site clearance of old nursery near 2ft gauge railway

    As everyone who works at the museum must know by now, the nursery business operating under the name of Blooms ceased trading in 2011. And since then the site has become fairly derelict, especially the deteriorating plastic poly-tunnels. Everyone has also probably had experience of, or heard of, adverse comments made by visitors travelling on the trains about the state of the site, even though of course it has been beyond our control. Continue reading

      Track relaying on the 15” gauge railway at Bressingham Steam Museum

      This past winter a team of hardy volunteers at Bressingham Steam Museum have spent many days relaying several hundred yards of track on the museum’s 15″ gauge line. This runs for a circuit of about 1.5 miles around fen land, fields and woods down to the infant Waveney river. The line was laid by Alan Bloom in 1973/74 and has needed some repairs after 40 years. Continue reading

        Bressingham Steam Society’s miniature railway

        Bressingham has recently added to its range of railways with a dual gauge miniature circuit.

        It is a joint venture between Bressingham Steam Museum and Bressingham Steam Society.

        The circuit is of dual 5” and 7.25” gauge and is about 200 metres in length in an oval formation.  It is located behind the main locomotive shed and runs around the existing small heritage fairground site.  There is one turntable and set of points and trains follow a unidirectional path to the single platform. Continue reading

          Refurbishment of signal box

          Bressingham’s demonstration signal box (originally from Raydon Wood) has also been receiving some TLC from our volunteers.  The interior has been tidied up and a new stove installed.  There is now a very good exhibition inside on the principles of train signalling, featuring some authentic block instruments and a working lever frame (not connected) which visitors can pull. The exterior has had the planking on the walls and verandah renewed, repaired and repainted into a smart brown and cream livery.



            Repaint of German ‘Kreigslok’ – ‘Peer Gynt’

            A wartime German built type 52 ‘Kreigslok’ locomotive (named at Bressingham ‘Peer Gynt’) has been on static display for many years.  In recent times however it had become decidedly weather worn in appearance.  A small team of Bressingham volunteers undertook to repaint the locomotive in black livery, using Zinsser paint provided by Tor Coatings.  The paint proved extremely effective, requiring in places only one application and this over corroded metal work.This locomotive is now cosmetically restored and on permanent display in one of our sheds.  The cab is open to visitor access, with lighting and interpretation of the controls, so visitors can sit in the crew seats and imagine themselves driving this huge machine.